Community Infrastructure Levy

The Town Council receives a percentantage of the Community Infrastructure Levy that Cheshire East Council collects from developments undertaken in the Wilmslow Parish Area.

As the Wilmslow Parish is covered by an Neighbourhood Plan ( adopted in 2019) the Town Council receives 25% of the total collected in Wilmslow.

The Levy can be used to fund a wide range of infrastructure projects with the Town Council's portion spent principally to reflect the priorities identified in it's Neighbourhood Plan.

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The Town Council is required to publish the funds held from the Community Infrastructure Levy see below

Total Received 2020.21                    £8,174

Total Spent 2020.21                         £0

Total Recieved 22021.22                  £39,060

Total Spent 2021.22 (to date)          £0

Total Recieved 2022.23 (to date)     £18,946

Balance Held                                   £66,180

All funds held at this time are planned to be spent against the Little Lindow Project (a joint project with CEC)