Stars of Wilmslow during lockdown

Wilmslow Town Council knows that without the support of Neighbours, Friends, Local Community Organisations and Local Businesses many people in our community would have found it very hard to manage over the last six months. These support networks have provided great assistance to members of our community who have needed to shield or self-isolate for long periods since the start of lockdown in March and, in many cases, continue to provide much needed help in this second lockdown and the likely ongoing restrictions throughout the Winter period.

We believe that the Wilmslow Community wish to recognise, in some small way, the help that has been offered and place on record its collective thanks.

By completing this form you can to tell us who has helped you and a little about what they have done to help.

The Town Council is working on when and how these wonderful people and organisations can be recognised over the coming months.

The personal information provided will only be used for the specific purpose of recognising our Covid Stars and will be deleted as soon as this it is no longer needed for this purpose, the information will not be passed on to any third parties.

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