Collage of all Councillors

Who we are

The Town has Councillors, elected by the residents every four years, who are unpaid volunteers.

There are 15 Councillors, each representing one of four wards.

You can contact any of the Councillors in your ward to express a point of view and/or to seek their support.

The Town Councillors attend monthly Council meetings and also are allocated Committee responsibilities where they make decisions in smaller groups on behalf of the entire Council or make recommendations to the Full Council.

Currently, the Town Council consists exclusively of representatives of the Residents of Wilmslow Group.  The next elections are due in May 2027, although any vacancies arising before that time will be filled as and when they arise.

Elections are organised and administered on behalf of Wilmslow Town Council by Cheshire East Council who are the formal elections authority. Any queries relating to Wilmslow Town Council elections should be directed to Cheshire East Council’s Elections Department.

What we do

Wilmslow Town Council works within the legal framework set out for Town and Parish Councils to enhance and supplement services and to recognise and promote local initiatives.

Wilmslow Town Council operates within the Cheshire East Council area but is an entirely separate council, making its own decisions without influence from the Principal Authority (Cheshire East Council).

The primary roles for Wilmslow Town Council are to enhance and supplement services provided by the primary authority, to provide services and facilities that Cheshire East Council would not otherwise provide but which Wilmslow residents value, and to support and promote local initiatives and community groups. Wilmslow Town Council also has a significant role in voicing the views and concerns of residents. Wilmslow Town Council’s full aims and objectives can be found below.

The divide between the responsibilities of the two Councils is often confusing and sometimes frustrating for residents but Wilmslow Town Council is happy to be contacted in order to point residents in the right direction.

You can also find information on the services provided by each council on the Services page

Find more information on the Aims and Objectives of the Council

Our funding

Wilmslow Town Council is funded via a precept collected with the Council Tax by Cheshire East Council and passed down to Wilmslow Town Council. In 2023-24 this precept is £27.31 for a band D property in Wilmslow (national average £67). Wilmslow Town Council only receives funding from residents and does not receive any funding from businesses through business rates.

Some examples of what we do:

  • Fund the Citizens Advice service in Wilmslow with an annual grant.
  • Provide floral planters throughout the town (currently working with commercial partner ‘Oak Nurseries’ and community partner ‘Wilmslow in Bloom).
  • Maintain benches and other street furniture.
  • Own and maintain the public toilets and kiosk block at the Carrs.
  • Manage Allotment sites at Cliff Road and Land Lane.
  • Organise and fund events such as the Cinema on the Carrs, the Christmas Lights switch-on, the partial funding of the Wilmslow Community Show and the organisation of the Remembrance Sunday event in conjunction with St Bartholomew’s Church.
  • Fund the Christmas Lights.
  • Fund and replenish lifesaving defibrillators throughout the town.
    (In an emergency, the first action is to phone 999 and the North West Ambulance Service will direct the caller to the nearest operational device).
  • Fund the CCTV service in the Town Centre (operated by Cheshire East Council).
  • Review and comment on planning applications that have been submitted to the Planning Authority (Cheshire East Council), speaking up regarding local concerns and ensuring that the Planning Authority has full regard for local planning matters including the content of the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Oversee and fund Neighbourhood Plan Implementation initiatives.
  • Liaise with relevant authorities regarding infrastructure/policing/community issues to represent residents’ views and get the best advantage for the local area.

When we meet

Wilmslow Town Council usually meets on the third Monday of each month except for the month of August (subject to how Bank Holidays fall).

Committee meetings are also normally scheduled for Monday Evenings. The Town Council standing Committees are: Finance and General Purposes, Planning Committee and Community and Order Committee.

All meetings are open to the press and members of the public.
You can find more details on the dates, times and venue of Council meetings on the Meetings page.

The Town Council would be happy to hear from you should you have any thoughts, ideas, concerns or observations. You can contact the Wilmslow Town Council office using our contact details at the top of the page. The Principal Officer of the Town Council is Matthew Jackson, Town Clerk. Alternatively, you can speak to one of your Councillors directly.

If your query is about Parking Enforcement, Highway Repairs, Council Tax bills, Refuse Collection, Planning or Adult/Children’s Services then you would be best suited, in the first instance, to communicate direct with the Primary Authority, Cheshire East Council.