The Planning Committee usually meet on the second and fourth Monday each month.


  • Cllr Dion Cross
  • Cllr Tim Higgins
  • Cllr Toby Tritschler
  • Cllr James Vickers
  • Council Chairman and Vice- Chairman ex officio

The Committee is empowered by the Town Council to make recommendations to the Planning Authority (Cheshire East Council) on Planning applications and Licensing applications in Wilmslow.

These meeting are often well attended by the public and the members appreciate the additional information that can often be provided by the public prior to the committee arriving at their decisions.

The Town Council are not the Planning Authority and therefore can only make a recommendation, the decision on the granting planning consent rests with Cheshire East Council and public representation should always be made via the Cheshire East website in the first instance (link below).

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