Reverend Eddie Roberts and Jon Kelly at Fulshaw Cross

On Sunday 19th May, Wilmslow Parish’s Reverend Eddie Roberts led a service to rededicate Fulshaw Cross and preaching stone.

The service was organised by Wilmslow Town Council in partnership with Wilmslow Parish.

In honour of the occasion, Wilmslow Town Council recently organised and funded the cleaning and refurbishment of Fulshaw Cross and surrounding fencing. The work was carried out by Ansa Environmental services, who have professionally cleaned the stonework and repaired and repainted the surrounding fencing.

A plaque has been placed on the fencing of the cross, to mark the occasion of the rededication.

Preaching stones pre-date churches in lots of communities and were later replaced with stone crosses. They would often be located at junctions and toll bars to give the monk or priest or preacher a captive audience.

Jon Kelly, Deputy Mayor said, “Many thanks to Reverend Eddie Roberts for the beautiful and apt rededication of the cross and preaching stone. Thank you too for the members of St Bartholomew’s, St Anne’s and other Church communities for supporting the event, and to the Town Council Staff.”

“I am very pleased the Town Council were able to organise this symbolic event. I hope it will lead to a programme of works to refurbish and recognise our important historic features. People say Wilmslow has no history, well this is completely untrue as I hope we will be able to reveal.”