Latest Progress Reports to the Town Council


WNP Implementation Group


Summary of activities underway.


Information to WTC Mtg 21 December 2020


Conservation Areas


·         Consultant appointed to look at three areas


·         Bollin Hill draft received, seeking nomination of a CE conservation officer in order to progress


·         Highfield Estate and Dean Row, history being researched. Visit to Highfield now possible after lockdown


Lindow Moss


Hope to do a full update presentation to WTC at the January 2021 Meeting.


·         Mobberley, Morley & Gt Warford councils have agreed to support and participate with WNP A1 ‘Lindow Moss Partnership’


·         Briefing paper prepared and issued to other potential participants inviting comments and seeking support. Sent to WTC members for information.


·         In contact with CE and Terraqueous on formation of a Liaison Committee but so far have not been able to progress. Terraqueous seem reluctant to communicate.


·         Transition Wilmslow has established a LM Forum


Town Centre


Presentation to be made to WTC meeting 21 Dec 2020


·         CE TCVP study underway to which we are contributing


·         CE (Peter Skates) asked to provide Highways input to study of Public Realm development


·         Costing’s requested for concept studies on Broadway Meadow development, public realm on South Parade, Alderley Road and Green lane.  Request for funding to be put to WTC.


·         Tree survey along Alderley Road complete. Plan to be produced


·         Ideas being put forward on how Library building should be developed and integrated into public realm


·          Town Centre Concept Masterplan being prepared which will complement the CE Town Centre Vitality Plan output


Railway Group


·         In discussions with Network and Northern Rail on developments on and around the station.


·         Consideration by NR being given to car park expansion


·         Improvement studies for the Station and forecourt underway by Network Rail. Draft schemes have been seen and discussed.


·         Project for lighting the viaduct defined and being costed.


Green Links, Cycle and Pathways


·         Tree replacement policy being discussed with CEC Highways and pilot project proposed to CEC for succession planting on Broad Walk. Strong support from local residents.


·         Upgrade of footpath between Linneys and Twinnies Bridge’s being pursued with CE.




·         Recording and mapping of local footpaths layered onto the cycle routes map underway




·         Looking to progress locally identified wildlife sites to full Wildlife Site status




Digital Wilmslow


·         Looking at how other Towns are representing themselves with web sites and phone apps other than through Council websites.


·         We will identify what is available and possible and push the ideas wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.


·         Link to the TCVP, make sure this topic and our objectives are known and considered


·         Potential for digital collaboration across CE service towns through the TCVP process


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