April 1918 Bulletin added to WW1 Noticeboard

Residents are encouraged to take just a little time out each month to visit the noticeboard and find out more about how the War affected Wilmslow and particularly where locals were posted during the War, which actions they were fighting in and where casualties were suffered. 

Wilmslow Town Council’s noticeboard near the Library has been transformed into a World War One Centenary Noticeboard which over the next four years will feature regularly updated displays of information about local and national events of 100 years ago.  Since the first display in August each month has featured an update on where soldiers from Wilmslow were during that month 100 years ago.

Wilmslow Historical Society has been collating information from local residents and other sources and is preparing each month’s display for the noticeboard. 

Wilmslow Town Council formed a Working Group a few months ago to consider how Wilmslow should commemorate the Centenary of World War One and the Noticeboard is just one of a number of events and initiatives which will feature over the next four years. 

All of these bulletins are also now available to view in folders at Wilmslow Library.

You can read the April 1918 bulletin here.

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