Councils agree to co-fund redevelopment of Little Lindow

Wilmslow Town Council Chair with Mark Goldsmith, Wilmslow West Councillor for Wilmslow Town Council and Cheshire East Council

Wilmslow Town Council and Cheshire East Council have agreed to co-fund a joint project to redevelop Little Lindow.

This park, flanked by the police and fire stations, is seen as an important gateway to Wilmslow as it sits on one of the main roads into the town centre - Altrincham Road:

The Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan lists Little Lindow as a designated local green space due to its ‘special character, significance and community value’.     

Plans for Little Lindow include:

  • Moving the play area from the rear of the site to the front corner,
  • Improving the play area by adding wooden ‘Adventure play’ equipment and a new path,
  • Replacing, relocating and increasing the seating,
  • Improving the current path across the site,
  • Adding plants, bushes and trees,
  • Pruning existing trees to allow more light into the area,
  • Adding nesting boxes for birds and bats.

The image above shows the Landscape Masterplan. It is anticipated that the work will be completed by this Autumn.

The total cost of the project will be £157,829. Cheshire East Council will fund £70,000 of the overall amount through S106 developer contributions, whilst Wilmslow Town Council will contribute £90,000, which includes a small contingency.

£47,000 of Wilmslow Town Council’s contribution will come from Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money already received from developers that must be spent in the West Ward of Wilmslow, and on infrastructure needed to support the development of their area.

Ansa Environmental Services (a Cheshire East Council company) will organise and oversee the work, with full and ongoing consultation with Wilmslow Town Council.

Wilmslow Town Council Chairman, Martin Watkins, said of the project, “Little Lindow is an area in the heart of our town with huge potential. We are proud to partner with Cheshire East Council on such a significant project, which will restore the importance of the site and make Little Lindow a place that can be enjoyed by residents, town centre staff, visitors and wildlife alike.”

Councillor Mick Warren, Chair of Cheshire East Council’s Environment and Communities Committee, said, “It is fantastic news that work will soon be beginning at Little Lindow and the project will see a number of improvements and additions being made.

Through this collaboration with Wilmslow Town Council, we can give the town’s residents and visitors a fantastic community facility to enjoy.”

Mark Goldsmith, Ward Councillor for Cheshire East and Wilmslow Town Council said, “I am delighted Wilmslow Town Council has agreed to help fund these plans. When I was elected, I wanted to transform this unloved and under-used park into something the whole community could enjoy. Getting both councils to collaborate on this project means all these improvements can be implemented in one go. It means Wilmslow can enjoy all the benefits of this project far sooner than if either of the councils acted alone.”

Main picture: Wilmslow Town Council Chairman, Martin Watkins, with Mark Goldsmith, Wilmslow West Councillor for Wilmslow Town Council and Cheshire East Council.

Gallery images below: Little Lindow Site Anaylsis, Aerial photograph of Little Lindow and Little Lindow Masterplan.

For more information about the redevelopmemt of Little Lindow, including Frequently Asked Questions, please visit: