Floral planters installed to protect the Memorial Garden

Planters at the Memorial Garden, Wilmslow

The Town Council has installed floral planters in an attempt to deter unwanted parking on the Memorial Garden.

The increasing popularity of the Carrs park as an attraction to people of Wilmslow and far beyond, especially during the Coronavirus lockdowns, has presented a number of problems with that of parking being high up on the list. One of the parking issues that has caused the greatest of concerns has been the use of the Memorial Garden as an unofficial overflow car park.

This special area opposite St Barthomew's Church yard has now been given a level of protection with the installation of floral planters by the Town Council making access more difficult and providing a greater visual separation from the carrageway.

The Town Council provides all of the planters in Wilmslow, working with our commercial horticulture partner 'Oak Nurseries' of Lees Lane.