Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

The Referendum on the adoption of the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan will take place on 10 October.

Details of the Neighbourhood Plan document that has now passed through Examination can be viewed on the following link.


The referendum is organised by Cheshire East Council but the document has been created by the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group consisting primarily of Wilmslow Residents.


The Independent Examiner, Wendy Burden had this to say by way of conclusion:

‘The WNP is a comprehensive and detailed document, clear in its intentions for the future of Wilmslow. Its production has undoubtedly required a high level and standard of work by a group of committed volunteers from the local community. I commend the Town Council and the Neighbourhood Steering Group for producing a neighbourhood plan which seeks to fulfil the wishes and aspirations of their local community whilst recognising the requirements of national and local plan policy. With the modifications appended to my report the WNP should provide an effective Plan for the management of the future planning of Wilmslow.’

A hard copy of the document is available to view at Wilmslow Library. Transition Wilmslow have on their website summarised what they consider to be the most relevant aspects of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Town Council is not allowed to campaign in favour or against the Neighbourhood Plan at this stage and would encourage the public to vote on the document in its entirety.