Public Attendance at Town Council Video Meetings


This facility ended on 7 May 2021 when the legislation allowing online meetings expired, please see latest news story on Council Meetings.

During the ongoing Covid-19 crisis Town and Parish Councils are now able to make decisions in a videoconferencing format.

As the social distancing guidelines at this time prevent meetings taking place in the normal format Wilmslow Town Council are now conducting all of their meetings via Zoom Video.

As with normal meetings of the Council, each meeting is conducted in public with members of the public being able to witness the decisions being made and also contribute during any agenda item highlighted as 'Public Participation'.

The Town Council has written a Privacy Policy that relates to the operation of a Town Council video meeting in public (Document shown below) and a policy relating to the recording and photographing of meetings (also shown below)

The Privacy Policy highlights that there is potential for the public to display personal data during the meeting relating to their name and their video image, because of this members of the public will be allowed to join the relevent meeting only once they have given the Town Council consent to display this data during the meeting.

Any member of the public wishing to join a meeting of the Town Council ( including Committee meetings) is asked to email the Town Clerk on providing the information below.

Upon receipt of the email of consent the Town Clerk will issue a meeting ID and Password to allow access.

Please make requests at least 6 hours prior to the start time of the meeting. It would also be helpful if you could indicate if you would wish to speak during Public Participation.



I have read the accompanying Privacy Policy. I understand what is being asked of me and have been given the opportunity to ask questions.  I understand that I am entitled to withdraw my consent at any time without needing to give a reason.  I hereby consent to my data being visible while attending a Town Council Video Meeting. 


Name: ______________________


Name displayed by computer device if different: ______________________


Date: _______________________


Title and Date of Meeting: ________________________________________