Residents' Survey for proposed crewing system changes at Wilmslow Fire Station

Wilmslow Fire Station

Cheshire Fire Authority is inviting residents to share their views on the authority’s Annual Action Plan, which includes proposals to change staffing arrangements at Wilmslow Fire station.

The key proposals for Wilmslow Fire station are:

-       Changing to a day crewing system, in which the station is staffed by firefighters from 7am – 7pm.

-       Overnight emergency response to be provided by on-call firefighters.

-       The authority will explore options to buy nine suitable properties near to the fire station, to ensure the response time of on-call firefighters is within the authority’s response standards.

More information on the proposed changes to Wilmslow Fire Station can be viewed here.

The full Action Plan also includes a range of Cheshire-wide proposals for the period up to 2024 and can be viewed on the Cheshire Fire Consultation page. 

Cheshire Fire Authority is keen to hear residents’ views on their Action Plan through an online Residents' survey, which closes on 7 January 2022. Hard copies can also be obtained from Cheshire Fire Authority.

The main Cheshire Fire Consultation page can be viewed at