Town Council looks to the delivery of the Neighbourhood Plan

The Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan was adopted after successfully passing the referendum stage on 10 October last year.

The Town Council whilst initiating and funding the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan put its trust in the skill and dedication of the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan Group made up of the towns residents. The Plan, now 'made', will influence the development of Wilmslow over the next 10 years.

Precisely in line with Aspiration 10 of the Plan, Wilmslow Town Council is now setting up an Implementation Working Group made up of elected Councillors and a similar group of skilled residents in order to drive forward the policies and aspirations of the plan.

The Terms of Reference of the newly formed group can be seen in the attachment as can the intended structure working group.

The group driven by the content of the Neighbourhood Plan will seek to influence both public and private development to ensure that the views expressed by the people of Wilmslow, through the  Plan, are at the forefront of all decision making.

The Town Council selected Cllrs McCarthy and Kelly to be the elected representatives of the new group responsible for ensuring that the elected  Councillors are aware of the work of the Implementation Group and for working as active participants.

All decisions requiring Town Council funding will be taken by the elected Town Councillors.