Olive Trees And J Newell Alderley Road
Olive Tree with rainbow on Water Lane

Parts of Alderley Road and Water Lane have been enhanced by the addition of eight olive trees.

The olive trees were bought by Wilmslow Town Council working with Oak Nurseries, who currently provide and maintain Wilmslow’s floral displays.

The trees have been incorporated into planters provided by Cheshire East Council, through a nationwide Covid Recovery Grant grant scheme in 2021 to enhance Town Centres, but which were previously not planted for maximum impact.

Olive trees were chosen for the planters because they are hardy in a wide variety of weather conditions, provide a more structural form than the previous planting, are relatively slow-growing and easy to maintain whilst also complimenting the adjacent businesses which include Casa Italia and Pizza Express.  The trees have been positioned along a section of Alderley Road that has undergone significant commercial change over recent years. It is hoped that the Town Council’s investment in softening the appearance of this area with high-quality planting will help this row of businesses to thrive in the future and to attract new tenants.

Councillor Jon Newell, Chair of Wilmslow Town Council (pictured above) said, “We hope that by enhancing this side of Alderley Road, which previously featured little greenery, the businesses in that area will continue to flourish. We look forward to the trees growing and establishing to enhance the environment and town centre.”

If you are a Wilmslow community group and considering a project that promotes sustainable spaces, biodiversity conservation and ‘Greening’ the Town, please visit the Wilmslow Town Council grants page to read about the Wilmslow Town Council Green Community Fund.