Planning Applications

Reference number Location Proposal Last date for submitting comments
21/3225M 53, KINGS ROAD, WILMSLOW, CHESHIRE, SK9 5PW Proposed 2 storey and single storey rear extension and external elevation changes to existing residential property. Wed 14th Jul
21/3040M 3, GROSVENOR CLOSE, WILMSLOW, CHESHIRE, SK9 1QY Replacement of the existing conservatory with a new room on the same footprint. Mon 12th Jul
21/3223M 18, FAIRBOURNE DRIVE, WILMSLOW, SK9 6JF Replacement of existing conservatory with new extension to existing footprint. New roofs to existing bays. New timber cladding to existing rear bay. Mon 12th Jul
21/3172M 73, BUCKINGHAM ROAD, WILMSLOW, CHESHIRE, SK9 5LA Single storey extension to front and rear with two storey extensions to side. Mon 5th Jul
21/3194M 23, FLETSAND ROAD, WILMSLOW, SK9 2AD Extend rear ground floor, rebuild existing balconies and build wall to roadside boundary. Tue 6th Jul
21/3252M 13, VALE ROAD, WILMSLOW, CHESHIRE, SK9 5QA Internal works, hip to gable roof conversion, dormer loft conversion and new rear decking. Wed 14th Jul
21/3298M 19, BRIARWOOD, WILMSLOW, CHESHIRE, SK9 2DH Proposed Three Storey Side Extension & Dropped Kerb to allow Vehicular Access. Wed 14th Jul
20/3015M 81, KNUTSFORD ROAD, WILMSLOW, SK9 6JH Demolition of existing dwelling, to be replaced with 2no. detached dwellings. Fri 9th Jul
21/3226M 3, CLIFFORD ROAD, WILMSLOW, CHESHIRE, SK9 5JJ Proposed first floor rear & two storey rear extension proposed gable alteration and re skinning of rear & gable brickwork. Wed 14th Jul
21/3215M 1, CLIFFORD ROAD, WILMSLOW, CHESHIRE, SK9 5JJ Proposed first floor rear & two storey rear extension, gable alteration, re-skinning of existing rear & gable brickwork to be built in conjunction with 3 Clifford Road Wed 14th Jul