Mulberry House and The Cottage, ALDERLEY ROAD, WILMSLOW, SK9 1PZ


Proposed refurbishment and single storey extension to Mulberry House together with the replacement of the adjacent dwelling (The Cottage) with a detached two and a half storey dwelling and associated amendments to access.

Last date for submitting comments: 

Wednesday 22nd September

WTC recommendation: 

Wilmslow Town Council recommend refusal of this proposal. The Town Council felt that there was little if anything to recommend within this application. The recommendation for refusal is specifically because the application impacts detrimentally upon the streetscene and neighbouring properties on Donkey Lane and will result in a significant loss of heritage. The application is of a design and scale (height) that would cause significant loss of amenity to neighbouring properties. The application is considered to be contrary to Policy H2 of the adopted Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan as it fails to reflect the character and building density of the distinctive design in the locality and is in addition, contrary to policy TH4 of the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan impacting detrimentally within the Three Parks area. The clear inaccuracies within the tree survey are alarming and totally fail to reflect the damage that the proposals would cause to trees including those covered by TPOs.