Councillor Sally Harrison

At the recent Annual Meeting of Wilmslow Town Council, Sally Harrison was co-opted as a new member of the Council for Wilmslow Dean Row ward.

A co-option took place to fill the vacancy after no election was called.

Sally has lived in Wilmslow since 1975 and attended Wilmslow Grammar School. She has recently retired from a career in finance, with a view to supporting the Wilmslow community in a small way.

Sally said, “As your Town Councillor, I hope to help improve the Wilmslow community by supporting the topics that are close to my heart.

“Over the years, I have joined various local groups, including Wilmslow Wells for Africa, Young Enterprise, Wilmslow CleanTeam. I have been a volunteer at Quarry Bank Mill, helped with local community events and have just taken up the task of Treasurer for the Wilmslow Historical Society.

“My key focus over the next 3 years as Councillor will be to work with the other Councillors to ensure that our town is a place of inclusivity and engagement.

“I hope to engage with the Wilmslow Schools to ensure that we are looking to the future with their ideas to promote and support our town.

“I also hope to be able to assist Wilmslow voluntary groups by providing support and encouraging the people of Wilmslow to join them to ensure their sustainability for the future.

“I am keen to share the history of Wilmslow with the wider community. This could be in the format of regular public talks, history boards or informative walks.

“I am here to listen, to act, and to make a positive difference. Therefore, please feel free to share with me your ideas, concerns, and aspirations and I will aim to work with you to achieve change where possible.“

Wilmslow Town Mayor, Councillor Tim Higgins, said, “We are delighted that Sally has joined the Town Council. With her, she brings local knowledge, great enthusiasm and ideas for supporting and enriching the Wilmslow community. We look forward to Sally beginning her work on the Council.”