Town Centre Planters and Handyman Services

The Town Council spends over £10,000 each year providing and servicing eyecatching floral planters throughout the town.

The Town Council works with local commercial partner ' Oak Nurseries' of Lees Lane, who lovingly plant and then maintain throughout the year. You would have to be up and about very early in the morning during the summer months to catch them at it however.

The planters have helped in the battle for 'North West In Bloom' recognition and laterly 'Britain in Bloom' recognition although without the work of the volunteer group ' Wilmslow in Bloom' we would be left with plenty of pretty planters but none of the Gold Medals.


Wilmslow Town Council employs a Handyman Service each week to enhance our areas of public environment. This is additional to the services provided by Chheshire East Council.

The Handyman undertakes work to enhance the public realm and can be seen

  • Painting Benches
  • Cutting Grass
  • Litter Picking
  • Enhancing the allotment sites
  • Painting street signs
  • Washing Road Signs
  • Removing Weeds
  • Cutting overhanging hedges
  • Clearing Footpaths

And anything else we can think of that appears to be nobody elses responsibility but that makes our town look better.