Unauthorised Traveller Encampments

In recent times Wilmslow has witnessed a number of unauthorised Traveller encampments. These have occurred on areas of open land, have taken time to clear due to the necessary legal processes and in certain circumstances resulted in considerable resident concern and public cost.

Wilmslow Town Council are determined to work as effectively as possible with Cheshire East Council and residents to minimise the occurrence of these encampments.

The legal responsibility to clear an illegal encampment lies with the landowner who must go through legal process, and it is the responsibility of Cheshire East Council to ensure that the landowner takes such action. In recent incidents Cheshire East Council have also been the landowner and therefore responsibility has fallen entirely to them.

Wilmslow residents can play a leading role however in minimising the occurrence of these illegal camps.

Reporting Vulnerable Sites

If you see a field or area of recreation space that is unsecured or there is evidence that a lock has recently been removed from a normally secured area then please report this occurrence. A report can be made to Wilmslow Town Council who will pass the information to the Community Safety department at Cheshire East Council, alternatively, if you can't contact the Town Council, you can contact the Cheshire East Community Safety Team directly via 0300 123 55 00.

Reporting Illegal Encampments

If you witness a site being occupied then you should contact Cheshire East Council Community Safety Team by telephoning 0300 123 5025 (this number should also be used outside of normal office hours). Having done so please also contact the Town Council on 01625 402 907

Making Wilmslow a less desirable stopping off point

The other issue that all residents should be aware of revolves around why Wilmslow is experiencing more occurrences than elsewhere in Cheshire East and why large clean up operations are involved. This essentially comes down to the availability of work and the nature of this work in removing driveways and trees in particular. When agreeing to have such work undertaken, residents are responsible for ensuring that whoever removes the waste has a licence to do so and the resident knows where the debris will be taken. The reason for the competitive prices quoted is that the disposal costs are being waived with the debris dumped at the temporary encampments.

Residents are asked to take care when agreeing for work to be undertaken and to be the eyes and ears of the community as they go about their everyday business.