Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents

The Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan was adopted when it passed its referendum of Wilmslow residents in October 2019.

The Neighbourhood Plan was initiated by Wilmslow Town Council but delivered by the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan Group, working with planning consultants Urban Imprint. The Group was made up of skilled and enthusiastic volunteers who live in Wilmslow and who actively sought the views of the town's residents throughout the process resulting in a referendum result of Yes 89 %, No 11 %.

A document titled 'Wilmslow's Countryside: a Landscape Character Assessment' was produced as an appendix to the Neighbourhood Plan. It provides really interesting information about the countryside around Wilmslow, discussing the nine different landscape areas and assessing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This has been distrubuted to local schools to be used as a resource, and can also be viewed at Wilmslow Library or via the link below.

Since the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan was completed, it has already become a widely used document, both in influencing individual planning decisions in the town and also in informing and encouraging positive development.

Please see the links below for the full Neighbourhood Plan, referrendum documents, and 'Wilmslow's Countryside: a Landscape Character Assessment' booklet.