Wilmslow Town Council has now set its precept for the financial year 2024-2025.

Being the lowest tier of local government, Wilmslow Town Council is the closest tier to the community and can prioritise Wilmslow issues within the constraints of its powers.

The Town Council was formed in 2011 and has grown in the time since, with aspirations to grow further and to make a real difference to the lives of the residents, who provide its funding through the ‘precept’, an additional payment highlighted on the annual council tax bill issued by Cheshire East Council each March.

A new Town Council was elected in May 2023, and this has brought forward new ideas as to how the Town Council can make a bigger, more positive contribution to life in Wilmslow.

When Wilmslow Town Council was formed thirteen years ago, the ‘precept’ payment for a typical band ‘D’ property was set at £21.47. This figure rose in 2017-2018 to £27.45, to reflect falling reserves and higher costs over the preceding six years. Although falling slightly to a figure of £27.31 in 2021-2022, this figure has remained broadly static for the past seven years.

At its budget meeting in December 2023, the Town Council considered its income and expenditure for the next financial year (2024-2025) alongside its aspirations and falling reserves, before setting its precept request of £451,927, equating to a band ‘D’ property charge of £37.31, an increase of £10 per year. In setting the precept at this rate, the Town Council noted that the average comparable charge across the country in 2023-2024 was £67 per year.

In setting its priorities for 2024-2025, the Town Council gave regard to both its own evolving aspirations and its likely role in working with Cheshire East Council to protect local services for the people of Wilmslow.

Councillor Jon Newell, Town Mayor, said, “Wilmslow Town Council plays an important role in providing services that complement the much wider range of high-profile services provided by Cheshire East Council.

“The Town Council’s services, and our role in building our community, make a real difference to local people.

“The newly elected Councillors wish to build on the work of previous administrations and have ideas that will make a positive impact but that will inevitably have a cost.

“Likewise, the financial pressures that we see at Cheshire East Council are likely to impact the Town Council as we endeavour to protect services important to Wilmslow and its residents”.

“The Town Council are aware of the financial pressures faced by many families but feel that an increase of £10 per year for an average property, after many years of static charges, continues to constitute good value when compared to the national average and will ensure that the council can fulfil and enhance its role in 2024 and beyond.“

To view the services currently provided by Wilmslow Town Council and Cheshire East Council visit the Services page of our website.