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Wilmslow Town Council has submitted the following response to Cheshire East Council’s Final Draft Biodiversity Net Gain Supplementary planning document consultation:

“Wilmslow Town Council notes that Cheshire East Council does not act as a habitat provider. Given the areas that the Council owns and manage, the Town Council ask that Cheshire East Council review this position and that they and their agencies should potentially offer this service in the future.

“Where offset measures cannot be provided within the site of the development, we suggest that the measures should be delivered in the immediate area and certainly within the area of any Neighbourhood Plan, if one exists, or in an adjacent habitat area.

“Wilmslow Town Council suggest that there should be a preferred hierarchy of habitat providers, starting with Cheshire East Council (if they do decide to be a habitat provider) followed by environmental land managers such as The National Trust or Cheshire Wildlife Trust or a combination of such providers. Further priorities should be given to existing landscape partnerships so that the potential ecological benefits can be maximized.”

The Final Draft Biodiversity Net Gain Supplementary Planning Document consultation closes on Friday 1st December 2023.

To view or give feedback on the document, please visit Cheshire East Council’s Consultation and Engagement Portal.